Boxwood nursery Oudolf

Welcome to the Boxwood nursery Oudolf jr. A nursery with over 30 years of experience in the field of cultivation and sales of Buxus / Boxwood.

Boxwood nursery Oudolf

Boxwood nursery Oudolf

At our nursery we have large Buxus sempervirens solitary plants with a diameter of 100 up to 180 cm. The plants have a height, which starts at 100 cm. Besides these large plants, we also supply a wide range of bushy Boxwood shrubs (with root ball) that begin with a height of about 40 cm. Sizes could be: 40 cm high and 20+ cm wide. 70 cm high and 30+ cm wide. 120 cm high and 40+ cm wide.


Contact us with the request you have. Please specify height, width and amount of plants.

Available types of Boxwood

  • Buxus sempervirens
  • Buxus microphylla Herrenhausen
  • Buxus Green Gem
  • Buxus Green Mound
  • Buxus microphylla Faulkner (Balls)
  • Buxus microphylla National
  • Buxus sempervirens Argentiovariegata
  • Buxus sempervirens Blauer Heinz
  • Buxus sempervirens Elegans
  • Buxus sempervirens Handsworthiensis
  • Buxus sempervirens Hollandia
  • Buxus sempervirens Ingrid
  • Buxus sempervirens Rotundifolia
  • Buxus sempervirens Rocket

All the plants at the boxwood nursery are regularly transplanted. This helps to create a good healthy and compact root system. This ensures that the plant can grow well after transplanting / replanting.

Boxwood nursery Oudolf references

We supply more than 20 years big boxwood / Boxwood Shrubs to individuals and trade in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. We supplied Chelsea Flower Show and Various renowned contractors and garden designers ( – Tom Stuart Smith – J. Blom). Contact our Boxwood nursery for more references.


boxwood nursery transport

boxwood nursery transport

The smaller plants (up to 80 cm high) will be delivered in wooden pallet crates.

Larger plants will be delivered on a pallet.

The (solitary) Buxus plants above 100 cm will have a root ball with a diameter of 80 or 100 cm. They will be delivered on a reinforced pallet. Deliveries are made with a large articulated truck without tail lift. A Forklift will be needed to unload the truck.


Planting Buxus plants
Importantly, to plant the plants in well drained soil. This prevents the plant from ‘drowning‘. This is the lack of oxygen that can get to the roots. After planting in the spring the plants need to be watered to stimulate the fibrous roots. Especially when the weather is dry or when the weather gets hot.

Boxwood pruning
It is best to prune the Buxus plants at end of June. This is the period where the Boxwood has slowed down with their growth spurt. In September you could prune a second time.

In the spring you can fertilize Buxus to stimulate the growth of the plants. This will also prevents the plant to get a lack of things the plant will need to stay nice. Also this will make sure your Box plants will stay nice and green.